Carmilla (ePub)

As a small child, Laura was disturbed by weird dreams of a beautiful but frightening lady. Now a beautiful young lady of 19, she is astonished to find that a girl of her own age, the lovely Carmilla, a temporary resident in her father's Styrian castle after a carriage accident, seems to be the exact image of the woman in her childhood dream. The two grow close, but there is something about the beautiful guest that Laura finds disturbing. Perhaps it is the way she expresses a love for her hostess that seems more erotic than platonic. Or it may be her seeming distaste for the religious, or her utter indifference to a strange plague, which only seems to kill young women, affecting the region. Then Laura begins to have those dreams again, and her health starts to decline. Will she become the next victim of the strange plague? Is there a significance in Carmilla's shockingly exact resemblance to the subject of an ancient portrait? And what will Laura, her father, and a grieving General Spielsdorf discover in their exploration of Karnstein Castle's mouldering chapel? Our edition includes notes and an introduction by popular author, playwright and historian J.T. McDaniel.

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