The Lair of the White Worm (ePub)

Bram Stoker's 1911 horror novel was the inspiration for Ken Russell's 1988 film. The "white worm" is a gigantic snake, possibly surviving from perhistoric times, and dwelling in a deep pit in "Diana's Grove," whence it has preyed upon the locals for centuries. When young Adam Salton comes to live with his grand-uncle at Lesser Hill, he finds himself tangled up in the strange goings on, and both intrigued and unnerved by Diana's Grove's lone resident, the alluring and dangerous young widow, Lady Arabella March. Lady Arabella has set her cap on the menacingly handsome Edgar Caswall, who has himself but recently moved into his ancestral home at Castra Regis. Meanwhile, Salton has fallen for a neighbor girl, who find herself in mortal danger from Caswall's mesmeric powers. Our edition has been carefully edited, annotated, and slightly modified here and there to remove some offensive language.

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