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Copy Editing Service

This service provides copy editing at $1.00 per double-spaced manuscript page. In addition to checking spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar, I'll be looking at sentence structure and usage, and providing a more detailed analysis of your work. I will fix run-on sentences, perhaps suggest changes in usage or phrasing. I'll also keep an eye out for continuity errors, such as when one character says or does something, but a different character's name is inadvertently used. I'll also keep an eye out for technical errors, such as a British character using American idioms, or a private detective armed with a gun that doesn't actually come in that caliber (gun aficionados tend to be very picky). Purchase enough units for your complete manuscript, or have me do the first few pages and then decide if you want me to continue. If English isn't your first language, consider my Foreign English Correction Service instead, which includes all of this, plus suggestions for rephrasing and word choices that will make you read more like a native speaker.

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